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"Chartered specialty" in Ishigaki Island

Marine shop

Welcome to the “Mermaid Blue” website.


Ishigaki Island's first! ?

Because it is a charter specialty shop.

Snorkeling, diving, fishing,Mermaid shooting! !

Without worrying about other guests

You can enjoy the island time ♪

Charter half a day from 30,000 yen *!

Starting from 60,000 yen * a day!


Ishigaki, Yaeyama beautiful sea with charter

Do you not enjoy leisurely?

With family, lover, and friends,

Because it is a charter, without worrying about other people,

You can enjoy a leisurely tour.

I want to go to that island! I want to do this!

We will answer all requests‼


In addition, you can enjoy nature even in the event of a typhoon

"Trekking Tour"

Become a cute mermaid on the island of Ishigaki Island ♪

"Mermaid Shooting Tour"

Is also held.

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<゜))) 彡 (The fish I caught are> ゜)) 彡

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